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Naved Rangrez, a professional certified personal trainer and founder of NR Fitness. At NR Fitness, we provide personal training, group training, online coaching and if you want to participate in any bodybuilding contest, we will train you for that as well. You'll be provided with all the routine, diet chart and proper training which will help you to shape yourself in perfect mode.

No matter what your fitness goal is, whether it is to make muscles, lose or gain weight or enhance your overall health, NR fitness has the ideology for an honest workouts. With years of experience as a certified fitness trainer, Naved Rangrez believe in workouts that are dynamic, but completely safe and result oriented.

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Personal Training

Personal Training Programmes

Achieve your fitness goals with proper instruction by a personal trainer at NR fitness. I as a personal trainer will create a workout plan for you which suits your body and moves you forward to achieve your goal of fitness!

Group Training

Group Training Programmes

When members workout with their friends, it can generally feel like social gathering rather than fitness programme. Group training gives member the impulse of meeting new people with matching lifestyle and goals, and also opportunity to mix up with them during workouts.

Online Coaching

Online Coaching Programmes

As per the saying, "seing is believing". You dont have to buy any pills or any suppliments and no need to work out for 6 or 7 days per week. My online coaching programme will make you believe that you can look and feel better by just following the guideliness.

Contest Preparations

Contest Preparations Programmes

Thinking about participating in a bodybuilding contest? Well, a good news for you! I will train you according to the requirement of the contest you are participating in and you will feel supported in every part of your coaching experience.


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First You'll Feel it, Then you'll Hear It!

Develop a Personal Training Program in Ahmedabad that fits your rhythm

Just share your convenient time and your previous fitness experience if any, and I will provide you assistance for weight loss/weight gain.

We'll ensure you achieve your fitness goals with personal trainer in Ahmedabad. You'll feel more energetic, more active by following the instructions given by the fitness coach.

Mr Naved Rangrez is a personal trainer located in Ahmedabad hold the knowledge to lead one-on-one personal training, weight loss or group training, online coaching and competition preparation and delivering life changing experience which motivate member to return for more. In Ahmedabad Our fitness coach also helps you with nutrition coaching. .

Personal training at Nr fitness is all about you. Make a strategy to train with us, and you'll see yourself like never before. At each step you'll be driven by energetic weight loss personal trainer in Ahmedabad expert coach backed by the latest science and honest workouts. Online gym training is available at NR fitness where you do not have to leave your home and just need to follow the instructions given by the fitness coach.

Fitness Trainer Experts in Ahmedabad

Weight gain is the basic step. Our development based strategies are intended to build a body optimised for any circumstances: athletic, agile and effective. Our strategy and our fitness coach located in Ahmedabad pushes you to ace new developments, so your muscles keep up building, and you continue to rise to new challenges.

NR Fitness is acknowledged for its unmatched accomplishment in providing the exceptional fitness training and fitness knowledge in Ahmedabad, and finest equipment to help its members achieve their fitness goals at personal training in Ahmedabad. It adheres to globally proven fitness training and state of the art infrastructure. With certified fitness trainer in ahmedabad and nutritional counselling, NR Fitness provides a complete approach to the health and fitness of its members.


The first thing that comes in mind when it comes to improving one's health and fitness is finding and working with an incredible coach/mentor. We at NR Fitness, believe Personal Training is one of the most important factor which helps our member focus on their goals. Our goal is to help others achieve their personal best, exceed their expectations and create a better lifestyle for our members. Performing inside the exercise centre empowers you to breathe life into your energy to stay healthy and in shape helping other people enhance their wellness, prosperity and self-confidence while enjoying the satisfaction that comes with it. We hope you'll get motivated after meeting with our members and benefit from their depth and breadth of knowledge and experience.

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